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See what our neighbors in Parrish and Ellenton have to say about us.

Very knowledgeable, very satisfied

Mark Bartman

great person to deal with very professional highly recommendable


Billy was here quickly, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. What more could you ask for? Highly recommend.

Marjorie Scott

They came out the same day, took care of and fixed, all my problems.
We were very impressed with their knowlege and expertize.

Bill Wright

Called Billy this morning left a message he called back promptly showed up same day on time and had me fixed up in less than an hour.

Tom Orr

quality, same day service, above & beyond, highly recommend ! Thanks Billy for helping us with all our computers, glad you are nearby!

Liz Dabney

Billy was right on time which was a big plus for me. Very friendly with a big smile and ready to help us. He was very professional. We know now that we have a person we can rely on to get us back up and running. Thank you Billy.

Elsie Shirk

Billy was very helpful over the phone and when we couldn't resolve the problem he came right to our house immediately and got us up and running with our computer and printer. Highly recommend Parrish Computer Repair 👍👍👍

Cynthia Cork

Billy was amazing! I have been trying to get my security camera and computer system up for months with all kinds of problems. Billy worked through each issue and made everything work beautifully and seamlessly. I will call him for all my computer and security needs henceforth. I highly recommend Billy!

Leah Boitano

Billy was excellent in the handling of my computer problem. He is knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and pleasure to deal with. Not only did he successfully solve my problem promptly, he offered several very good suggestions to avoid future problems. Believe me, when I have future computer issues he'll be the first I call. Just can't say enough good things about this gentleman.

Doug Smith

For the last 2 1/2 years I was unable to log onto my VPN, without the un-necessary steps of logging onto my MiFi, disconnecting from my home's Wifi, and then logging onto my VPN, crossing my fingers and hoping it would let me on without having to restart my laptop. So much time was wasted as I had to go through these redundant steps on a daily basis, just to access internal documents. This morning, i was unable to log into my computer completely. I sat here looking at the "Welcome" screen for over an hour. Billy was extremely kind and patient (as EVERYONE knows how impatient I am) and had me up and running within the hour. Not only was he able fix the issue, but he went the extra mile, above and beyond to fix my VPN issue that both Brighthouse and our previous IT guy could not figure out. I am now able to log onto my VPN without all the un-necessary, redundant, and time consuming steps! Not only did he fix this issue, he explained to me what the issue was.
Thank you so much Billy for everything!! I really and truly appreciate all that you do!

amy pham

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